Guided Tasting Session:

  • Discussion and demonstration of how chocolate is made (including live grinding and conching demo)
  • Tasting dark chocolate confections made with our chocolate from West Africa.
  • Exploring cacao growing regions and tasting samples of chocolate from these countries
  • Discussion of direct trade and single origin chocolate vs. commercial chocolate and commodity cacao
  • Stories of the farmers visited with in Africa and their impact on the global economy
  • Talk about the health benefits of eating dark chocolate and cacao.
  • Questions and Answers from participants

Hands-On Session

  • Participants make of a 12 piece box of chocolate truffles: hand-rolling and finishing them in a variety of toppings
  • Participants make a batch of chocolate ganache; learning the basic technique of making and flavoring chocolate ganache that can be incorporated into desserts at home.

Participants receive 5 recipes from the upcoming cookbook by Robert Bowden

All Classes are have limited space availability, must be paid for in advance and are nonrefundable. Classes start at 11am, Location address disclosed 2 weeks prior to event. Most locations booked as close to Downtown as possible for accessibility.

Additional cities and dates to come.



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